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Yangzhou Upkind Technologies Co., Ltd.



Yangzhou Upkind Technologies Co., Ltd. is located at Lingtang town, in the north suburb of Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, near the beautiful Gaoyou Lake. Since it was founded in 2003, the company has been focused on the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical intermediates and organo-silicon speciality chemicals. It has been certified as the Chinese National High-Tech Enterprise.

Our major products have gained high market shares in domestic as well as international markets, we are the approved raw material supplier of Gilead Sciences and several other giant pharmaceutical companies, our international customers come from USA, Europe, India, Japan and Korea. Recently, we have been developing new products and have successfully expanded our market application to organo-silicon related advanced materials.

With strong R&D capabilities and manufacturing expertise, we have the ability to develop new products from laboratory synthesis to pilot, then to bulk production.

We understand that the assurance of good quality and services to customers are the key issues to the sustainable development of our company, our quality management policy requires us to focus on the process management, continued innovation, and to pursuit the best quality and meet customers' needs. We have been ISO9001: 2008 certified by SGS since 2009. Meanwhile, we place a high value on environmental, safety and employee health issues, we regard it important to take our social responsibilities. Through learning and training, we believe our employees will improve their overall skills, and our company will stay ahead of the competition.


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